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FingerTec TA300

The TA300 is the latest mobile time and attendance device from FingerTec, a desktop standalone fingerprint reader that does not require installation. Combining simplicity and mobility, the TA300 is ideal for "attendance on-the-go" environments such as training centers, tuition centers, construction sites, etc. With up to 5 hour of internal battery operation, the TA300 provides extra convenience to users -- at a competitive price.

The TA300 is perfect for small and mid-sized companies seeking a cost effective time and attendance system to increase efficiency in managing human resources. Employees check in and out using the TA300; at the end of the day, data is downloaded via USB cable into a PC with TCMS V3 software for attendance reports.

The TA300 can store up to 500 fingerprint templates and 30,000 transactions per terminal. Since it is recommended to have 2 templates per employee, the TA300 can handle up to 250 employees. The TA300 really gives you value for your money, providing simple attendance and attendance on-the-go functionality.

Includes TCMS V3 Software

Time Control Management System (TCMS) V3 is a comprehensive, powerful time and attendance management tool designed exclusively for FingerTec fingerprint, facial and card reader terminals. TCMS V3 software has been in the market for a decade, has been translated to various languages, and is being used by millions across the globe to manage time, attendance, and access control for small to big business operations. It meets and exceeds labor department standards.

TCMS V3 comes fully loaded with all the powerful features, allowing users to automate company timekeeping, attendance tracking, labor scheduling, data collection and access control in a centralized database.

TCMS V3 can centralize multiple and diverse terminal models, up to 999 terminals connected over an IP network. TCMS V3 software, seamlessly integrated with FingerTec fingerprint readers, generates a multitude of accurate, useful, and printer-friendly time, attendance, and access control reports.

TCMS V3 is feature-rich and built on a multilingual platform for functionality in today's working environment. TCMS V3 is Windows-based, facilitating easy installation and launching. Its user-friendly features and quick report generation capabilities make it suitable for every user, regardless of technical knowledge level. With TCMS V3, work becomes simpler and results become better.

TCMS V3 Software Features

  • Manage time and attendance, and time clocking activities
  • Provides 6 definable daily clocking activities
  • Supports overnight working time not exceeding 24 hours
  • Provides easy management of multiple FingerTec readers
  • Enables download of data and transactions
  • Allows export of data and transactions
  • Provides audit trail reports
  • Produces numerous time and attendance reports
  • Multi-user license
  • Free Payroll Integration Tool allows export directly into most major payroll software, including QuickBooks, ADP, PayChex, and more

Software requires Windows 10, 8, 7, XP Professional, or Windows 2000 Professional.

Includes 1 year warranty and free manufacturer technical support.

FingerTec TA300 Terminal

TA300 Terminal Features

  • No Installation Needed: The TA300 is ready to be used straight out of the box without any hassle of wiring. Just mount it on a surface, and it is ready to be used.
  • Battery Powered: Don't let the issue of power supply bother you anymore. The TA300 has an internal battery that can last up to 5 hours under normal usage.
  • Easy Data Management: Uploading and downloading of data is still possible with the TA300. Data Management is Plug & Play, done simply with a USB cable!
  • Easy Administration: The TA300 has a simple to use administration system. Enroll a user by pressing the "Enroll FP" button, and delete a user by pressing the "DelUser" button. Period.
  • Biometric with Stability: The TA300 has a wide base for stability, and is designed to be placed on a flat surface. This makes it suitable to be used in smaller businesses and centers.
  • Small in looks, big in storage: The TA300 may look small and compact, but it is able to store 500 fingerprint templates, and 30,000 transactions. This means less frequent downloading of data for you.
  • Value for the Money: The TA300 was created especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Having said so, you'll find the TA300 a value for the money at a very competitive price.
  • Fast-Paced & Versatile: The TA300 provides identity verification through fingerprint scanning or password. Positive fingerprint verification is done within a second!

The TA300 kit includes one TA300 fingerprint terminal, TCMS V3 software, USB power adapter, and rechargeable battery.

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PLEASE NOTE: does not offer direct technical support. To save you money, all products are sold as self-install systems. If you feel you need extra technical help, we highly recommend you purchase a FingerTec support agreement. All FingerTec support technicians are factory-trained experts.
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