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Icon Time TotalPass B600 Biometric Web-Enabled Time Clock

New! Built-in plug & play Wi-Fi functionality.

The Icon TotalPass B600 Biometric time clock is a self-contained, technologically advanced product that has been designed for small businesses with up to 500 employees. With TotalPass Biometric, all the software is completely built in to the device. No software to install and no monthly fees. This system gives business owners an effective tool to manage payroll costs and optimize performance. The B600 Biometric terminal incorporates all-new, next generation fingerprint technology that both verifies and identifies while in biometric entry mode, making "buddy-punching" virtually a thing of the past. The TotalPass B600 Biometric also comes with a first-of-its-kind employee self-enrollment system that streamlines the enrollment process, and minimizes overhead for the administrator.

All Software Is On The Clock:

  • No software to install - all functionality built right into the time clock
  • No monthly fees (unlike other web-based time and attendance solutions)
  • Universal functionality - works on any computer/device with a modern web browser
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Use pre-loaded 100 employee option or upgrade for higher employee capacity (up to 500 employees)
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and custom pay periods
  • Two levels of daily, weekly, and consecutive-day (California) overtime
  • Calculate gross wages
  • Deduct lunch time automatically and track paid breaks
  • Custom time clock display prompts and user fields
  • Employees can view last punch, and hours worked for the day and for that week directly at the clock
  • Password-protected multi-supervisor login with customized permission level settings to assign employees by supervisor and more
  • Track holiday and non-worked hours
  • Add hours for multiple employees with a single transaction
  • Add notes by the punch allowing you to keep a history of edited data
  • Labor Distribution reports can be generated based on custom field values assigned to an employee (e.g. Employee's location, billing account, part-time/full-time status, etc.)
  • Supports up to 99 departments
  • Communicate with up to 33 clocks locally or over the Web
  • Manage timecards via USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN, VPN or Web

New Self-Enrollment Technology:

  • Allows employees to self-enroll at the time clock without requiring a manager present or on-site
  • Streamlines new employee on-boarding

Verify Failed Biometric Entry:

  • Built-in wide angle camera captures failed biometric entries with a backup photograph
  • Authenticates and automatically notified manager when there is a failed fingerprint scan, providing the photo verification of the employee
  • Ensures 100% validation of employee attendance

Multiple Entry Modes:

  • Biometric fingerprint - employees clock In and Out using their finger
  • PIN - employees clock In and Out using custom 4-9 digit PIN
  • Proximity badge - employees simply swipe proximity badges
  • Web punch - employees clock In and Out through a web browser (15 licenses included; max 50)

Seamless Payroll Exporting:

  • CSV or HTML file
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premiere/Enterprise/Online
  • ADP Desktop and Workforce Now
  • Paychex Flex and Preview
  • Paylocity
  • SurePayroll
  • Paycom

Benefits Tracking Pack:

  • Benefit Tracking and Accruals
  • Track and manage sick, vacation, and personal time benefits
  • Automate the maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover, and borrowing of benefits
  • Enhanced Overtime Preferences - allows you to customize your overtime multipliers and adds level 2 overtime that can be set by day, week, or consecutive days
  • Revision Zones - help to manage payroll costs by preventing employees from gaining extra time by clocking IN early or OUT late

Email Productivity Pack:

  • Approaching Overtime - find out ahead of time if an employee is going to hit overtime
  • High Hours - notifies you when an employee works too many hours
  • Low Hours - notifies you when an employee works too few hours
  • Log Punches - great for keeping in touch while on the road
  • Send e-mail alerts to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Also includes the SSL option to help keep your data secure and protected when accessed online

Icon TotalPass B600 Biometric Time Clock Terminal

Optional Employee Capacity Upgrade

  • The TotalPass B600 Biometric comes standard with 100 employee capacity
  • Employee capacity can be upgraded to 250 or 500 employees

Optional Web Punch Entry Upgrade

  • Web Punch Entry allows you to capture your employee's punches anytime, anywhere using a browser-based time clock that runs on Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN/Internet, or a stationary computer
  • The TotalPass B600 Biometric comes standard with 15 Web Punch Entry employee licenses
  • Additional employee licenses can be purchased in blocks of 5, with a maximum of 50 employees
  • Employees clock IN/OUT from web browser over Intranet or Internet
  • Employees can view total hours, last punch, break/department transfers
  • GPS verification for employees using an iPhone, iPad, and Android, making it ideal to track remote/mobile employees
  • Configurable IP address location restrictions
  • One-time cost - no monthly fees

System Requirements

  • Access the time clock from any web browser including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Android
  • Windows-based PC supports direct connection via USB/Ethernet, or network connection (Wi-Fi, LAN or WAN/Internet)
  • Mac or non-Windows OS requires network connection (Wi-Fi, LAN or WAN/Internet)
  • Remote access over WAN/Internet requires Ethernet and Internet connection with additional configuration
  • Payroll exports for QuickBooks Plugin and ADP Export require Windows 10/8/7/Vista PC

TotalPass Biometric System Includes

  • TotalPass B600 Biometric Terminal
  • 100 employee capacity (upgradable)
  • 15 ft. Ethernet cable
  • 15 ft. USB cable
  • Locking mounting plate with 2 keys
  • Power supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 30 day free manufacturer setup support

Important Note: TotalPass clocks are not cross-compatible with RTC-1000 or SB-100 PRO Universal Time Clocks. However, a free migration path is available for those considering upgrade from UTC to TotalPass.

30-day manufacturer technical support at no additional cost.

Online Demo

Login: admin / 1234

Item CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd To Cart
IC-TP-B600 Icon Time TotalPass - B600 Biometric Time Clock System $539.00
Upgrades and Options:
IC-TP-E-4 Icon Time TotalPass - 250 Employee Capacity Upgrade
From existing 100 employee capacity software
Special Deal! From existing 100 employee capacity software
IC-TP-E-5 Icon Time TotalPass - 500 Employee Capacity Upgrade
From existing 100 employee capacity software
IC-TP-E-6 Icon Time TotalPass - 500 Employee Capacity Upgrade
From existing 250 employee capacity software
IC-TP-WP Icon Time TotalPass - Web Punch Clock Pack
Clock in/out from web browser, iPhone/Android GPS integration, 5 employee license pack
IC-TP-B600-TS Icon Time TotalPass - B600 Biometric Extended Customer Care Plan - Per Terminal
-Upto 2 hardware replacements per year -Replacements are shipped via 2-Day Air -Unlimited technical assistance -Plans purchased 30 days after original product purchase requires a 60-day waiting period to use hardware insurance -Coverage does not include international freight, tax, duties or any fees associated with shipping outside of the US
IC-TP-KEY Icon Time TotalPass - Replacement 2 Keys $14.00
IC-TP-USB Icon Time TotalPass - Replacement 15ft USB Cable $30.00
IC-TP-ETH Icon Time TotalPass - Replacement 15ft Ethernet Cable $30.00
IC-TP-PWR Icon Time TotalPass - Replacement 110V Power Supply $35.00
IC-TP-WALL Icon Time TotalPass - Replacement Wall Mounting Plate
Part # M1025-01
SURGE-PRO 1-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector
Highly recommended to protect electronics
Proximity Badges:
IC-TP-PRB-25 Icon Time TotalPass - Proximity Badges - 25 Pack
Icon Part #PRB-25 (new style) 9 digit badges (Ship from Icon)
BDG-PROX Proximity RFID 125kHz Clamshell Badge (Generic) - 25pk
Compatible with TimeQplus, MTX-30, TotalPass, PC600, PC700, ProPunch, and uAttend brands proximity systems
BDG-KEYFOB Proximity RFID 125kHz Key Fob (Generic) - 10pk
Compatible with TimeQplus, MTX-30, TotalPass, PC600, PC700, ProPunch, and uAttend brands proximity systems
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PLEASE NOTE: does not offer direct technical support. To save you money, all products are sold as self-install systems.
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