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Acroprint timeQplus Magnetic Stripe Badge

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Employees clock in and out with a simple swipe of their magnetic badge, or via keypad entry. This complete kit includes software for 50 employees (expandable up to 250 employees), software network upgrade, 15 magnetic stripe badges, and one TQ600M magnetic stripe terminal with cables, power supply, and mounting hardware.

Software requires Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate, Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate, Server 2003/2008, or XP Professional

30-day manufacturer phone support at no additional cost.

timeQplus Software at a glance

  • Adaptable: Handles two classes of overtime and 7th day overtime for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. Additionally, you can configure up to 12 shifts, each with their own standard start and stop times and lunch rules, as well as track job costing with work codes.
  • Versatile: Records hours worked for overtime-eligible employees, and records sick time, vacation, holidays and other absences for salaried exempt employees. There's no longer any need to use different tracking methods for exempt and non-exempt/hourly employees - all your employees can use timeQplus.
  • Intuitive: You can quickly install the timeQplus software yourself. A helpful user manual and built-in software "Wizards" will guide you through configuring the software to reflect your timekeeping and payroll policies. You can configure the software interface to display in your choice of English, Spanish or French.
  • Useful: Displays hours worked and in/out status on terminal when employee clocks in or out. Real time In/Out board makes it easy to see who's in or out of the office - no polling required!
  • Economical: Saves time and money on preparing payroll. Supervisor can edit and approve the electronic time cards at the PC. The software automatically calculates hours worked and exports data to most popular payroll software and services including ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks. This reduces clerical errors while streamlining the payroll process.
  • Expandable: This system grows with your business. Start with what you need now, and easily add capacity as your needs change. Add optional terminals at any time; you can even mix magnetic, barcode, biometric, and proximity terminals on the same system! Software upgrade packs are also available to expand capacity to a total of 250 employees.

Modern technology for data collection

  • Employees clock in and out simply by swiping their badge. Eliminates the need to constantly reorder paper time cards.
  • The timeQplus terminal also allows employees to clock in and out by using the keypad. It gives employees the ability to clock in or out even without their badge. Furthermore, employees can clock in or out via a networked PC using the timeQplus Software.
  • timeQplus Software supports multiple and mixed terminals (Magnetic, Barcode, Proximity, Biometric, or FaceVerify). Allows your employees to punch in and out at different locations within your facility.

Available Reports

  • Hours Summary
  • Time Card Report
  • Who is IN, Who is OUT Report
  • Shifts Reports
  • Holidays Report
  • Time Card Approval
  • Approaching Overtime
  • Daily Totals By Day
  • Daily Totals By Employee
  • Employee Profiles Report
  • System Rules Report
  • Work Codes Total By Work Code
  • Work Codes Total By Employee

The timeQplus Magnetic Stripe Badge kit includes latest timeQplus software for 50 employees (expandable up to 250 employees), software network upgrade, 15 magnetic stripe badges, and one TQ600M magnetic stripe terminal with cables, power supply, and mounting hardware.

timeQplus Magnetic Stipe Terminal

Terminal Specifications

Terminals feature a large and bright backlit LCD display and can be connected to your PC or network via TCP/IP Ethernet, or via USB flash drive.

Each terminal's built-in memory can store up to 50,000 transactions. An internal battery ensures punches stored in the terminal are retained even in the event of a power outage. You schedule the software to automatically poll the terminals and retrieve the stored transactions.

Terminals support external signal device (requires optional external relay box)

Terminals support both English, Spanish, and French.

Acroprint 2-Year Warranty

Terminals include industry-leading 2-year manufacturer warranty at no additional cost.

Screen Shots

Time Card Report
timeQplus Time Card Report

Punch Editing Screen
timeQplus Punch Editing Screen

Work Codes Report
timeQplus Work Codes Report

Item CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd To Cart
ACRO-TQP-M Acroprint timeQplus V4 Magnetic Stripe - Kit - 50 Employees Bundle
Free Shipping FREE Ground Shipping!
Additional Terminals:
ACRO-TQP-MT Acroprint timeQplus Magnetic Stripe - Additional Terminal
Requires timeQplus Software with Network Option
Free Shipping FREE Ground Shipping!
ACRO-TQP-UE1 Acroprint timeQplus Software - Additional 50 Employee Upgrade $122.00
ACRO-TQP-UE2 Acroprint timeQplus Software - Additional 100 Employee Upgrade $142.00
ACRO-TQP-UE3 Acroprint timeQplus Software - Additional 125 Employee Upgrade $175.00
ACRO-TQP-UE4 Acroprint timeQplus Software - Additional 200 Employee Upgrade $200.00
Acroprint Factory Original Badges:
(Generic badges are also available here)
ACRO-MB0 Acroprint timeQplus - Magnetic Badges (00001-00015) $39.00
ACRO-MB1 Acroprint timeQplus - Magnetic Badges (00016-00050) $85.00
ACRO-MB2 Acroprint timeQplus - Magnetic Badges (00051-00100) $125.00
ACRO-MB3 Acroprint timeQplus - Magnetic Badges (00101-00150) $125.00
ACRO-TS Acroprint Technical Support Agreement - Network
1 Year Coverage - Technical support for LAN only
ACRO-RELAY Acroprint Signal Relay Box
For timeQplus Magnetic/Barcode and Acroprint Data Collection Terminals
BDG-CLN 30mm Cleaning Cards for Magnetic Swipe Terminals - 10pk $25.00
SURGE-PRO 1-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector
Highly recommended to protect electronics
Replacement Parts:
ACRO-TQP-R Acroprint timeQplus Software - Replacement CD $50.00
ACRO-TQP-PS Acroprint timeQplus - Replacement 110V Power Supply
For Magnetic, Barcode, Biometric, FaceVerify, or Proximity Terminals
Badge Racks:
R-B200 Badge Rack For Credit Card Size Badges (12 slots)
Wall Mount, 12 Pockets, PVC
Special Deal! Dimension: 14.00 Height x 3 3/4 Width x 1.50 pocket Depth.
Bulk Discount Available! Bulk Discount Available: 2+ @ $11.40
R-B500 Badge Rack For Credit Card Size Badges (40 slots)
PVC - Horizontal
Special Deal! Dimensions: 22.50 Height x 8.25 Width x 1.50 pocket Depth.
R-B190H Badge Rack For Credit Card Size Badges (25 slots)
Gray Metal - Horizontal
Special Deal! Dimension: H 20 7/8, W 4 1/2, Suggested badge height 2 1/8
R-B190 Badge Rack For Credit Card Size Badges (40 slots)
Gray Metal - Horizontal
Special Deal! Dimension: H 32, W 4 1/2, Suggested badge height 2 1/8
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PLEASE NOTE: does not offer direct technical support. To save you money, all products are sold as self-install systems. If you feel you need extra technical help, we highly recommend you purchase an Acroprint support agreement. All Acroprint support technicians are factory-trained experts. You may also find the Acroprint Technical Support site useful.
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